RIP Steve Jobs

Today the world lost a revolutionary in computing.

Steve Jobs co-founded Apple who were the first to bring a commercially available computer into homes in the form of the Apple II way back when in the late 1980′s.

After a turbulent time at Apple that saw him thrown out of his own company he decided to buy The Graphics Group (later renamed Pixar) from Lucasfilm’s computer graphics division for the price of $10 million.

Pixar went on to produce Toy Story (1995), A Bug’s Life (1998), Toy Story 2 (1999), Monsters, Inc. (2001), Finding Nemo (2003), The Incredibles (2004),  before being sold to Disney in 2005 for $7.4 billion. Steve also took a 7% share in Disney, the biggest shareholder in the company. Pixar went on to produce Cars (2006), Ratatouille (2007), WALL-E (2008), Up (2009) and Toy Story 3 (2010)

Jobs had founded a computer company too after he was forced out at apple called NeXT that produced computers for higher education, and back in 1996, Apple bought the company and made Steve jobs CEO again. Many refer to his period as apples “Return to profitability”.

Jobs headed up projects that put Apple back in the game releasing the iMac, and introduced a game changing device in the form of the iPod that literally changed the way the world listened to music. He later went on to release iPhones and iPads, one device that i sadly read about his untimely death on this morning.

It’s hard to find a person in the western world who hasn’t been touched by job’s legacy, from his iPhone, iPod, iPad, macbooks, films and computers. His legendary film company touched the lives of many children who grew up on the films, and many will still see his legacy for many years to come.

RIP Steve Jobs. February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011

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